aeration pumps for lakes

The Lovely Sound Of Running Water

There is little more relaxing than the sound of running water – in the right place that is. Adding a pond or stream to the garden can make it an oasis of peace. Having a larger body of water at the back of the property adds serenity to a vacation cottage.

Water needs to be properly managed.

Water is just one part of a living organism that makes an entire pond or lake. If it’s your intention to house Koi carp or goldfish safely, or you want something more ambitious, you need to provide an environment where they can flourish. They need plants, the need a micro-ecosystem and they need oxygen.

Absorbing oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide and other gases

The function of aeration pumps for lakes is to enhance this exchange. Where water runs over rocks or a waterfall the surface area where oxygen can be absorbed is larger. Spraying water through a fountain has the same effect.

Where proper aeration does not take place, the water will soon be in trouble.

Less Oxygen at greater depth

Where water is not naturally aerated or where the oxygen there is cannot reach, there will be problems. The more still the water and the deeper it is the less oxygen there is at the bottom, which hinders the gas exchange and prohibits good bacteria.

Bring in an aeration pump

This infuses oxygen into the water helping everything breath. The pond itself is much cleaner as is the water quality will increase accordingly. An aerated pond will have clearer and cleaner looking water.

aeration pumps for lakes

Fish and plants do die from time-to-time, but when a lot die at the same time, the first place to look is for a lack of oxygen. With an aerator this risk is banished.