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How to Do a Yearly Outdoor Self-Inspection

Did you know that you should do a quick yearly self-inspection of your home’s exterior? A self-inspection is an often overlooked yet vital part of your home (and yard’s) overall health. By taking a quick look, you can find issues before they become large enough to be a nuisance. This can help save you hassle and a substantial amount of money in the long run.

Step One: Check your porch for splitting boards, cracks, or loose nails

If the issue is a single splitting board (or even two), simply replace the boards yourself if you are so inclined. If there are loose nails, tap them back in before they become a hazard. If there are issues with the foundation, however, you may want to call a professional.

Step Two: Check your siding for cracks or broken pieces

If you find anything wrong, contact your local siding contractors in Pittsburgh. They can help to both further assess and fix the issue. You should not work on siding yourself, as it is both complicated and dangerous if not done correctly.

Step Three: Check the roof

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This step should only be done if you feel comfortable being up high, have great balance, and can safely accomplish the task. Issues with the roof should be addressed immediately, as they can become serious very quickly.

Step Four: Inspect the yard for holes or pests

Holes in your yard should be filled in immediately, as they cause tripping hazards – especially if you have anyone who is at risk for falls living with you like older individuals, children, those with balance disorders, or pregnant women. If pests are found, call an exterminator to take care of them before they manage to cause considerable damage or bring harm to your family and pets.

Step Five: Checking fence lines

If you have a fence surrounding your property, you’ll want to do a brief look at the entire fence line to make sure there are no holes, gaps, or breaks. This is especially important if you have animals who are allowed outside, or if you have small children who could potentially wander off. Some fixes will be simple – such as replacing a single post or two. Other issues may require the help of a professional, such as when a large section of fence has become compromised.